TA: Jerry Chen

Email: jerry@jerryjrchen.com (Please include “CS 61A” in the subject line.)

Discussion Attendance

Week 0

Welcome to 61A! Check in for the first week here.

Check out this page if you’re curious about my development setup.

Week 1

Remember to check in each week for attendance. Link is above.

Week 3

Here’s a interesting perspective on how defaults slices are handled (Stack Overflow).

Week 5

Please fill out feedback!

Link for discussion feedback.

Link for lab feedback.

Week 14

Please come to lab next week. It will be significantly easier to setup and debug in person.

Week Final

Thanks for an awesome semester! Study hard, and good luck on the final!

Discussion Resources

# Description Downloads
0 Intro and Lost on the Moon Slides
1 Control, Environments, and HOFs Slides
2 More Environments and Recursion Slides
3 Sequences and Trees Slides
5 Mutation and OOP Slides
6 Iterators and Generators Slides
7 Orders of Growth and Trees Slides
8 Scheme Slides
9 Interpreters and Tail Calls Slides
10 Delayed Expressions and Binary Trees Slides
11 SQL Slides

Teaching Locations/Hours

Type Time Location
Office Hours Tu 3pm-4pm 109 Morgan
Discussion Fri 12:30pm-2pm 310 Soda
Lab Wed 12:30pm-2pm 271 Soda