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Discussion Resources

# Description Downloads
0 Intro and Lost on the Moon Slides
1 Control and Environments Slides
2 Environments and Recursion (+Composition) Slides
extra Midterm Review Slides
3 Trees & Sequences Slides
4 Nonlocals & Mutation Slides
5 Object Oriented Programming Slides
6 Orders of Growth & Linked Lists Slides
7 Scheme Slides
8 Interpreters & Tail Calls Slides
9 Macros & Streams Slides
10 SQL Slides
11 Final Review and Special Topics Slides

Teaching Locations/Hours

Type Time Location
Office Hours Th 5-6pm 109 Morgan
Office Hours W 3-4pm 109 Morgan
Discussion Th 9:30-11am 3105 Etcheverry
Lab Tu 9:30-11am 271 Soda

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